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Kennel Little Denmark

(Now located in Denmark!)

Welcome to this web-site about this wonderful little breed. Here You can read about the breed, us, our Kennel, and our dogs.

Please note that in 2010 we and our dogs crossed the Atlantic, and re-loacted ourselves to Denmark, to get closer to our Danish family. We now live in the countryside of Ringsted, approximately 1 hour's drive from Copenhagen.
We were only the second kennel in The US to breed registered (papered) puppies of this breed. We are still folowing the breed's development in The US closely of course, as well as our puppies in The US.
We hope by this site to be able to inform others about the breed, which we fell in love with, and will always be happy to answer questions or provide help in regards to the breed.

This website has been maintained in English until 2010 and has hundreds of pages to it. The English pages will remain, and we'll first update the site in Danish, while striving to at least have the latest on the English site shortly after. Otherwise check in on the Danish part of the site, and if nothing else, enjoy the pictures!

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Not a Danish Chicken Dog
The Danish/Swedish Farmdog has never been known as the Danish Chicken Dog, as stated in Bruce Fogle's "Encyclopedia of the dog".
The breed truly named Old Danish Chicken Dog (Gammel Dansk Hønsehund) is a very different breed. This breed is by mistake listed in the same encyclopedia as Old Danish Pointer.
We are in the process of trying to get these mistakes corrected, in future editions of the encyclopedia.

Breeding Program
Kennel Little Denmark breeds puppies with pedigrees from the Danish Kennel Club. Our dogs are an important part of our lives, and our puppies grow up inside of our house, as part of our family. They are micro chipped, have first set of shots, de-wormer, and a health certificate from the vet, when they leave us.

In addition they are well socialized, rather spoiled, and they have understood to perform simple tasks such as "sit" and "down" while working by the gentle concepts of positive re-inforcement and motivation.

We are a charter member of DSFCA (Danish/Swedish Farmdog Club of America), and we hold membership in DKK (Danish Kennel Club), DSGK (the Danish Breed Club), and RDSG (the Swedish Breed Club).

Our love for the breed, and our dogs, is greater than the wish to produce puppies.

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The Danish-Swedish Farmdog
The Danish-Swedish Farmdog is an old Danish Pincher. It resided (as the name suggests) on the farms, and it's jobs were many. This dog will catch and kill mice, rats and other rhodents, it will herd large animals with no fear. It will play with the kids, do lots of fun tricks and can learn ANYthing. It is a lively, happy, out-going and active dog all day, without ever being extensively "hyper" as many terrier-breeds. When a busy day is over, it will try to move into Your bed, preferrably under the covers.
The Farmdogs need "jobs". This breed is an excellent obedience-dog, a fantastic fly-ball-dog, and a flashing fast agility-dog.

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Completed DKKs breeder education
Has completed DKK's breeder education

Maddy on The Oregon Trail
Oregon trail august 2003.
Kikka Oregon Trail
5 1/2 months old.
Bailey arrived by Oregon trail
Almost 3 months old.
Sussi on the Oregon trail
6 years after taking the other pictures at the Columbia River in WA, a road trip co-incidentally gave opportunity to also get Sussi's picture on location