On March 24th, 2006 Kikka gave birth to 4 puppies.

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Kikka with her 4 girls
Kikka proudly resting with her little girls, after a tough birth.
Puppy dreams: "We wanna be as tough as you Mom"

Kikka's "girly girls" litter
On very early morning of March 24th, Kikka started delivering her first litter.
Everything had gone "by the book" up till that point, then the largest puppy decided it was going to arrive first.
Kikka had a very rough and long day, but she never gave up. She kept working, until the last and 4th puppy was born, just as C-section was close to becoming last resort.
We are very proud of Kikka for being so tough and brave, this was not the type of first time delivery anyone would wish for, and she stuck through it from start to finish.
Kikka had the first puppy at 8.18AM and the last at 1.40 PM, and was in labor a total of almost 8 hours. Both Mom and pups are doing well, taking a well-earned rest enjoying each other.
This litter is only the 8th litter of registered Danish/Swedish Farmdogs to be born in The USA, and the puppies are only number 32, 33, 34, and 35 US-born puppies to become registered.
We will post pictures, as the puppies grow, on these pages.

Please do not inquire about this litter, we already have homes waiting.
We have no future planned litters at this time.
We thank you for your understanding.


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