Picture page March 2010

This month started out with snow, and then about mid-month we're finally seeing and feeling the first of spring.

WARNING: Part of these pictures are of the girls doing the job, which this breed originally was bred to do. Catching and killing mice. In lack of a barn with hay, they dig them right out of the ground. On this occasion 7 big fat mice made the ultimate sacrifice.

To me it is not enough that a Danish/Swedish Farmdog can show to fine titles in the show ring, and race and win sports events all day long, if it can't do, what a Danish/Swedish Farmdog is really supposed to do. I find it very important, that the dogs can still pass the old "quality control" for a Danish/Swedish Farmdog, and show in practice, that they have the physical and mental ability, including (but not limited to) speed, instinct, prey drive, and jaws, to spontaneously - and at own initiative - pursue, catch, and kill vermin.

Our dogs live for this, it is what they want to do the very most, it is a strong instinct in their genes, it is their "business", and they take it very serious. So who am I to tell them no?!


Sussi with her pacifier, she "must" carry a ball everywhere in the back yard


A spring day "went into" Grandma Maddy, playing silly puppy with her Sussi


In fact, on occasion Maddy has to "kill" ALL the toys!


A long day in the outdoors, and they all snuggle up


This is clean girls after a bath, which came after a 2 hour romp in mud and puddles


Sussi almost "pointing" right at the camera: "I want YOU"


The real deal...digging for mice


Obviously there is something down there, because they are getting very intense


Kikka is watching Sussi and Maddy do the dirty work


And Sussi and Maddy team work


Kikka taking a closer look


Maddy and Sussi digging in sync


Maddy: "What do you mean are we having fun, what does it look like!"


It's getting serious when one is digging side-ways


They continue to swap holes


"SNAP" and Maddy has got the first one


It's dead instantly but she keeps holding it to make sure


When it is for sure dead, she drops it and moves on

Maddy is back in the "crater" and hauls another one out


Doing the "hold" to make sure it's not moving


Sussi is getting real noisy and Kikka comes along to see what she's got


But Sussi does NOT want to share!


Sussi dives in again


And there is another one


This one she walks away from Kikka with


Kikka caught her own fat boy now


And jumps in again


And Kikka pulls out her second mouse right away


"ok, you ARE dead now!"


Here goes Sussi with her third mouse of the day


And Maddy catches her third


"Make my day punk"


It is obvious, when looking at the paws, that the 2 "little ones" Maddy and Sussi did the dirty work today!


Hot mouse huntresses Sussi and Maddy, cooling off in the lake


Kikka actually took a swim


Sussi, dirty dog (!) picks up anything floating out there


That water is freezing cold though...brrrr


"Ok, I'm coming back in now"


Kikka seeing a squirrel in a tree, wishing she could fly!