Picture page Kennel Danasa's first litter visit and meet Sussi

Kennel Danasa came to visit on a road trip with their puppies, and Sussi got to meet with them. Here is a series of pictures from this FUN puppy play day, November 28th, 2009!

(I (Helene) have always loved taking a lot of pictures of dogs. I therefore have an over-flow of pictures, which are never really viewed by anybody, and it can seem like a bit of a waste, that they are just stored away in folders on my computer.

With this new photo section, I am hoping to be able to help that a little bit. It is my ambition to try to add new pages on a regular basis, and place some of the pictures I like the best here on these pages.)


The boys Marcus and Kirby with the orange toy


Butch with Gnista, and Sussi telling Kelly it's HER Daddy


Sussi inviting Kirby to play with her


Sussi got Kelley to "bite"


Gnista checking in on the orange toy


Katie tugging with Gnista


Sussi moving in with the bait, trying to catch some more puppies


Marcus stuck a fancy for something in the blue bag


Sussi got a "bite"...Kelley again


Marcus and Kelley - and what was Katie's hair


Marcus just cannot leave that blue bag alone


And now he has company from another puppy too


Kelley: "Come back and play-yay with me"


Kelley checking on the bag, Kirby inside now


Kelly looking envious, Sussi checking in now too


Baggie puppy Kirby giving kisses


Blue bag with both boys onboard


Sussi checking on Kirby and a bunch of toys

Kelly having at it with an oat meal jar


"I'll show you"


"Alooo, anybody in here?"


Sussi trying to get Marcus' attention from shoe laces to green toy


Gnista with the yellow hair thingy


Kirby Vs Quaker


Gnista checking in on the oat meal deal


Lots going on


Getting serious with the tug between Sussi and Kelley


They are both tugging and shaking hard = fizzy picture


Kirby joining in on the blue tug


Sussi Vs Kirby


Sussi Vs Kirby and Kelley


Seems like Sussi started enjoying the opportunity to be a silly pup again


Ok kids, what's next?


Marcus having a hey day with the red shower puffy thing


Kelley wants a piece of it too


who' you lookin' at? (one tired little pup)!