DSFCA's 3rd National breed specialty, Manalapan New Jersey, October 4th, 2008

On a cool October morning, Kikka's 6 week old puppies were loaded up in the back of my car in Wyoming, and along with their Mom and Maddy, they were hauled over to Nebraska, where we picked up Pam and Tukko at Kennel Danasa. In Omaha we added Ranger to the new total of 9 Farmdogs in my Yukon "XL", and off we all went, to dog show in New Jersey!

It became yet another unforgettable weekend with a good turn-out of Farmdogs and their families. It was the first East Coast specialty, and it was wonderful to see so many east Coast families in support of an East Coast show.

In these pictures, I hope to describe the great experience it was to make this trip across country, definitely worth while in all aspects.

(Group picture will be placed here, when I find one)

Show results, judge: Lilian Christensen, Denmark

Best of breed: My Bonnie Øllebølle Øllebrød (Aka "Ranger")
Best of opposite Sex: Javika's Prinsesse Madeleine (Aka "Maddy")

Winners dog AND Best of winners: My Bonnie Øllebølle Øllebrød (Aka "Ranger")
Reserve winner male: Annika's Joaquin (Aka "Frisco")

Best of winners female: Pacific Rim's Bolinas Cloud (Aka "Lexi")
Reserve winner female: Pacific Rim's Blondie (Aka "Blondie")

Best 2-3 months puppy: Emerald City's Ali (Aka Trygve)


Best of breed My Bonnie Øllebølle Øllebrød (Ranger) and best of opposite sex Javika's Prinsesse Madeleine (Maddy)


Best of breed (our "Ranger")


Judge Lilian Christensen, Denmark


Best of opposite sex (our Maddy)


Winners Bitch Pacific Rim's Bolinas Cloud and reserve winner Pacific Rim's Blondie


Winners dog My Bonnie Øllebølle Øllebrød, reserve winner Annika's Joaquin

The fundraiser fun classes

Once again this year we had 3 fund raiser classes. Those are specialty classes, and they are for fun, yet they do help bring the club some extra entry income, as well as they do serve an educational purpose.

The specialty classes were: Best head, best front angulation, and best gait. Object is to judge ALL of the dogs against each other, and select the top 3 for each category. Results were as follows:

Best head: 1. My Bonnie Øllebølle Øllebrød ("Ranger")
2. Gonzo's Folmer ("Vago")
3. Flora's Buttercup ("Hilde")

Best front angulation:
1. Winther's Blanca ("Blanca")
2. Javika's Prinsesse Madeleine ("Maddy")
3. Bodilius Sybil Fawlty Tilly ("Sybil")

Best gait:
1. Flora's Buttercup ("Hilde")
2. My Bonnie Øllebølle Øllebrød (Ranger)
3. Haritza's Xylia ("Lia")


Fund raiser category: Best head, the 3 winners


Fund raiser class category: Best front angulation, the 3 winners


Fund raiser category: Best gait, the 3 winners

ROAD TRIP Wyoming-New Jersey

It's been said that taking 9 Farmdogs of which 5 is a litter of 6 week old puppies across country in one vehicle, is a crazy project.
I won't try to contest that, but only state, that is was a challenge, it was a LOT of fun, and definitely not near as hard, as it sounds.

The adult dogs, Maddy, Kikka, Tukko, and Ranger got along wonderfully, and all handle road trip like pros. Kikka was great at attending to her puppies, at the rate she felt necessary, and the puppies had an experience of a life time...road trip, seeing all sorts of strange and different places, and of course meeting endless crowds of people and kids, wanting to meet the little road warriors!
It was the ultimate in efficient puppy socialization for sure.

The Yukon was STUFFED to the max. The puppies were able to have a play pen with a kennel and piddle pad, as well as water dish in the back. Designed so that with the luggage in front of the pen, Kikka could easily get into her puppies to feed them anytime she wanted to.
Once at the destination, the set-up at the hotel was great for them. An indoor/outdoor play pen area, and weather allowing that the sliding door could stay open for them, so they could run in and out.

To have extra space inside of the car, we mounted Pam's and Paul's roof box, and loaded it up.
Almost one week's supply of dog food for 9 dogs, puppy supplies, dog beds, kennels, coolers, people necessicities, and clothes can make even a Yukon XL feel small.
Bottom line is, the dogs brought more "stuff" and took up more space with their "luggage", than we people did!


Packing up the car, front, rear, and top!


Rest stop set-up for Kikka and her puppies


The ambitious drivers (!) Helene and Pam


Maddy eating in the grass, road trip style


What's Tukko wispering to Maddy?


Maddy and Kikka in a rare snuggle together position


Tukko and Maddy doing some serious navigation work


Puppy set-up in the back


Yukon "XL" has perfect room for a great puppy play-pen!


Puppies at a night stop in an Ohio service plaza


Ranger was so infatuated with the puppies


And that was mutual, here it is "Daffy" using Ranger's leg as a head rest


Ranger: "I love you little puppy"


Kikka taking care of her Motherly duties


Puppies had friends playing with them all day long. This shows their set-up in the room


And their set-up outside of the room, and puppy friends outside too


This picture is for a friend in Sweden: John with Haritza's Xylia


A little private meet and greet, for the early birds, at a local camp ground

"Meet and greet" Friday afternoon

For the ones, who were able to make it to the hotel Friday, we had a meet and greet outside. Immediately followed by a show practice class, where everybody could get to work with their dogs on the table, and practice walking the dogs around show style.

It was great to see so many from near and far, as well as many first time meets in person, after "knowing" one another from a distance through email and Yahoo group.
Nice to put faces to the names!

Friday night we all went to dinner, and had a great time. What awesome people and what great company they are, those Farmdog families!

And the Friday afternoon meet and greet, and show class


Meet and greet before the show class


Greeting all over the place going on, people and dogs alike


Pacific Rim's Blondie


Bodilius Sybil Fawlty Tilly @ meet and greet


Gonzo's Folmer (Vago) and Haritza's Xylia (Lia) meet


Gonzo's Folmer (Vago)


Daddy-dog and his son meet...when I grow up, I want to be like you Daddy!


Emerald City's Ali (Trygve) and his Father, My Bonnie Øllebølle Øllebrød (Ranger)


Bodilius Sybil Fawlty Tilly and Bodilius Polly Sherman Tilly ("Sybil" and "Polly")


Friday night dinner, so much fun!


Marganna and Sally, 2 always hard working ladies!


As has been established now to be a tradition: We begin the specialty show with a breed parade. That means ALL Farmdogs in the ring. Being the breed is still so new to The US, and so limited and scattered in population, it still feels awesome to see a large group like this, all gathered in one spot.

It also gives the judge an idea about what is to be presented. Now the serious part begins.

I once again, as usual, owe a huge "THANK YOU" to a number of people, for helping me show my dogs. It is so nice that someone jumps in there with a helping hand, when I have to take 2 in the ring at once. Between the show and the fund raiser classes, that happened quite a bit.
And this time I also owe big "thank you" to everybody who helped keep a keen eye on Kikka's puppies, and all of the sweet kids who went to sit with them, and play with them. The puppies had plenty of kisses for all of you, I know!

Once again, thank you farmdog family for a wonderful weekend, and lots of fun. Looking forward to all the "do overs"!


Breed parade, everybody in the ring now


"Take them around"


Our judge getting an over-all impression of the dogs on the day


Part of the farmdog crew's camp, and the DSFCA banner


The whole camp


A really nice beneficiary raffle


and some great sponsored prizes


Dorthe and Emil, a wonderful surprise to meet


Of course Kikka's pups weren't alone for a moment at camp either, it was great with so many volunteering puppy sitters!


And of course good mama dog Kikka, taking well care of feeding her kids, also at dog show


The Kennel Little Denmark WY canopy, and of course the Danish flag!


Son-Mik's Whiskey


Reserve winner male, Annika's Joaquin


Linda with Daisy and Emma


Emma, Little Denmark's Birgitte The Conqueror on the table


Lia, Haritza's Xylia on the table


Maddy, Javika's Prinsesse Madeleine on the table (Best of opposite sex)


Ranger, My Bonnie Øllebølle Øllebrød on the table (Best of breed)


Group picture from the meet and greet afternoon


Show night dinner, thanks John for crunching the numbers!


And after a weekend of dog show, we were ALL pooped puppies!