Greta and Puppies August 26th, 2008, through their first weeks

0-3weeks 3-6weeks 6-9weeks


Birth and week 1

Greta not posing with pups
Greta and puppies
Protective little mama-dog trying to hide herself and the pups from the camera

Greta's and Zeus' litter
In the late afternoon of August the 26th, Greta decided to share with us, what she was hiding.
She added 4 puppies to The US Farmdog population. 2 males and 2 females.

This is only the 16th US born litter of Danish/Swedish Farmdogs, and the puppies are number 62, 63, 64 and 65 US borns.

Mother and puppies are doing great, on "day 1" all 4 puppies have gained weight.
Greta did a great job of giving birth, and takes her Mother role very seriously. Therefore she is not one for posing neither herself, nor her puppies for pictures.
In respecting her wishes and not wanting to be counterproductive to her strong Mother instincts, we won't push just to get "pretty pictures" for the website, so the individual pictures were rushed, because Greta was stressing.
It is as good as it gets, in the next weeks, she will get more used to it, and it will be easier.

Please do not inquire about this litter, they already have homes waiting for them.

We thank you for your understanding.

Go away
Greta and pups right after birth
She ate, went to the bathroom, turned her back on the world, curled up around and over the pups, and went to sleep with them.

Greta's pups
While she was out, we snug this one in
Left front: puppy #1 male, left far back: puppy #3 male, center: puppy#2 female, far right: puppy #4 female

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Kennel Little Denmark

US puppy 62
Puppy #1, "US #62"
First born a boy at 5 5/8oz, 158g
arrived at 6.07PM

US puppy 63
Puppy #2, "US #63"
A tricolor chocolate female at 7 3/8oz, 208g
arrived at 7.40PM
US puppy 64
Puppy #3, "US #64"
A male at 7 1/2oz, 212g
arrived at 8.20PM

US puppy 65
Puppy #3, "US #65"
Another tricolor chocolate female at 5 3/8oz, 154g
arrived at 8.49PM