This page is dedicated to our puppy families.

We will post pictures and stories here, of our Little Denmark puppies, from their adventures out in life, sent to us by their families.
We thank you all so much for all these wonderful pictures!

Kikka's 2008 litter

Little Denmark's Delicious Daffy Duck, aka "Joe", by Kikka, 2008.

Joe was born on August 21st, 2008 at 2:40 AM
Joe is living the good life as manager of a family, which he has already trained through beginner stages, and now working on their intermediate skills.
His "mom" says: "WHAT A WONDERFUL DOG!!!! He has always thought of himself as a BIG dog. He is just happy to be a part of whatever it is we are doing- yard work, walking the neighborhood, standing guard of the dishwasher while we are cooking, sunning himself, playing frisbee, etc.
His favorite thing to do is load up into the truck with "people dad" and run errands. Joe goes everywhere with "Dad". The kids are having a blast playing hide n' seek with him."
We think that sums it all up!

My slippers
Joe quickly trained his new family to understand why the slippers are his

nap time
Yupp, it's a Farmdog!

watching TV
Hey Dad, click back to Animal Planet now, my show is on

On the beach
No "low-go-Joe" on the beach (more like "loco Joe")!

Wet and happy
One happy, smiley, and wet Joe

In the snow
You can throw that ball again now!

Little Denmark's Delectable Donald Duck, aka "Magnum", by Kikka 2008.

Magnum is born August 21st, 2008 at 3:07 AM.
Magnum is a happy-go-lucky little "Dude" with his own swimming pool in the back yard. He has learned how to get out, so he safely can be allowed to play in the pool. He is well adjusted, always spinning happy circles, and will never stop playing, playing, and playing.
Magnum has completed puppy classes and worked up to and including intemediate obedience, and is hoping to get to find out about agility soon. He has learned a bunch of tricks, i.e. "play dead", spin, and "speak".
He has had a visit by his Mom, and he really wanted to play, Kikka just wanted to stay in her Mother dog role and bring him up some more. Magnum has been working on Canine Good Citizen, which of course everybody around him already claims, that he is!

Cool dude
The cool Dude, Magnum!

Magnum at the lake
Puppy Magnum's first visit to he lake

Magnum with toy
You talking to me?

Magnum 1 year
Magnum 1 year old from his view spot

Magnum and Kikka
When Mama Kikka came to visit (Kikka left, Magnum right)

Kayak Magnum
Magnum on the kayak after a swim

Magnum and the invisible dog
It was that other dude Dad, I swear!

Magnum and ball
Have my ball, have my ball, have my ball

Magnum look up
You can throw that ball again now!

Little Denmark's Delightful Daphne, aka "Daphne", by Kikka 2008.

Daphne was born on August 21st, 2008 at 3:25 AM.
Daphne lives with hes own people boy in CO, so we still get to see her and her family for dog play dates. She has grown into quite the lady, and she has learned so many fun tricks by her "people puppy", who she follows everywhere.
He loves her very much, and has written a wonderful article about his best friend to the breed club's website: Jera's Article.
Daphne and our Sussi went to puppy class together, which was fun. Jera has always been the one to handle and train Daphe, and he continues to teach her new things all the time.
Daphne has become a keen squirrel hunter, but has yet for one of them to drop out of the trees for her...her anticipation never ends though!

Daphne leaping
Daphne showing her jumping skills (Mama Kikka left)

Jera Daphne and Sussi
Jera and his Daphne, and Sussi on a doggie play date

"My bestest friend ever"

Daphne and Sussi tug
Daphne and our Sussi tugging

training time
Jera takes on the whole gang...from left: Maddy, Sussi, Daphne, and Mama Kikka

Daphne squirrel hunt
Okay little squirrel, come on down and play with me now!

Little Denmark's Delux Dudley Do-Right, aka "Hobbes", by Kikka 2008.

Hobbes was born on August 21st, 2008 at 5.31 AM.
Hobbes is still the wiggly sweet boy, now just in a larger "frame". We hear he has taking to smiling too.
He is living with his family and people pups, and goes with them everywhere. Except when he is charming his way in with his dog sitting family - to the point where they had to get a Farmdog of their own!
We are now looking forward to hear about play future dates between Hobbes and Maddy's (2009) Grand Son.
His new "Mom" adds: "He will probably make a good playmate if his dog friendships in the neighborhood are any indication.
His best friend is Bogey, a white terrier, but he also loves Kirby the lab and Yukon the Siberian Husky. His cousin Jingle in New Hampshire is also a favorite.
Hobbes loves snow - his favorite activity is to bury his ball and then dig it out. He will do anything for that ball including jumping into the pool.
His people pups have taught him quite a few tricks. His favorite is probably hide and seek in which the people pup hides and Hobbes gets a treat when he finds them. He also loves to sleep, preferably on a warm lap by the fire or in someone’s bed.

Sit with Kikka and Maddy
The day Hobbes said goodbye to Mama Kikka (left) and Aunt Maddy (right)

Hobbes full of himself and bottle
3rd day "on the job" in his new forever home

Puppy Hobbes zonked out
Even big pups, who move away from home, can run out of fuel

Hobbes sun tanning on beach
Hobbes loving the beach

Hobbes diving for ball
GO Mom (Kikka), like son!

Hobbes leaping in the snow
Loving snow, and helping with the snow shoveling?!

Little Denmark's Delovely Dory, aka Dory, by Kikka 2008.

Dory was born on August 21st, 2008 at 8.50 AM.

Her "Mom" says: "I would like to just write…the most patient, loving, happy dog I have ever owned…simple as that!

Dory has a lot of jobs, but her most important is to be the best family dog she can be. She takes that role very seriously and has exceeded our expectations!
Her nickname is Lizard Licker, she licks everyone and everything.
She completed obedience class with no issues and of course top in her class.
Dory is very patient with her family and will take just about anything…with a wag of the tail! Always happy! Always Licking! Loves her cat’s that live with her. She loves to dig, but only in our flower beds.
We love her very much!"

puppy love
Dory and her fan club

"My puppy Dory"

Dory look up
"You talking to me?"

Dory in the green
Little dog, big "green"

Holding Dory
"Still my Dory, but she is not a puppy anymore"