This page is dedicated to our puppy families.

We will post pictures and stories here, of our Little Denmark puppies, from their adventures out in life, sent to us by their families.
We thank you all so much for all these wonderful pictures!

Greta's 2008 litter

Little Denmark's Mount Evans, aka "Taz", by Greta, 2008.

Taz was born on August 26th, 2008 at 6:07 PM
Taz is living life luxuriously as a real Farmdog on a real farm. His "mom" also trains dogs and has a boarding kennel. His family, aside from the humans, consists of 4 other dogs, 10 cats, 5 horses, 2 ponies, 3 goats, chicken and every year a pig is brought in and raised.
He very quickly made it into the youngest daughters bed at night, and is thriving with the very busy life around him, he fits in well with his "roll with it attitude". Taz is like a big dog trapped in a little suit, all MR ATTITUDE and all that and a "Bag of chips". Taz loves snow, and he is one tough little guy. The kids love him! His partner in crime has become the Pug "Pugsley", who he scates circles around. Collectively they are known as "The Thugs".

Taz Greta Maddy
3 generations: Taz, Mom Greta, Grandma Maddy the day Taz went out into the world

Taz and his little girl
Puppy Taz snuggle with his little girl

on the scooter
Kids and "the Thugs" - a true Kodak moment!

In the barn
Tazzy in the barn

Scouting in the barn yard
Little big dog

Taz in the stable
Taz has room to roam

Taz sitting
Got cookie?

Snuggle pup
As a puppy

Pugsy and Taz
2 buddies - "The Thugs"

Little Denmark's Mount Silverheels, aka "Sussi", by Greta 2008.

Sussi is born August 26th, 2008 at 7:40 PM.
Sussi has stayed here at Kennel Little Denmark and has her own page on our website.
In brief, since Sussi moved in, there was no doubt, that here came a "big dog". She whirled herself into Grandma Maddy's life, and the 2 are in-separable.
Where Sussi is, there is something going on, and vise versa. She is always active doing something, and is the only dog we have, who can play with her toys by herself, and enjoy them. Inside, she seems to have an imaginary world, which gives the toys life!
She prefers to always carry something in her mouth, tennis balls are an obsession.
Tough is an understatement, she will stay out and play much longer in the snow, than any of our other dogs.
She fears nothing, and throws herself at everything in life with a speed, joy, and enthusiasm, which we have not ever seen before. She is a keen, successful mouse hunter!
You can read more about her and see more pictures on Sussi's own page

Sussi pup
Sussi puppy 8 weeks old...cute...yah!

Sussi with toy
Big dogs play with big toys

Goofy Sussi
She is more like a monkey, than dog to be honest

what are you doing
Sussi turns her back on non-action and faces possible action at all times, can't miss a thing!

Sussi with her ball
This little dog is a proud and full of herself, as she looks

In the lake
Sussi loves water

Sussi flying
When calling her she comes flying....litterally

Sussi with a mouse
Keen huntress, and successful

Sussi stands
Our Sussi

Little Denmark's Kit Carson Peak, aka "Elwood", by Greta 2008.

Elwood was born on August 26th, 2008 at 8:20 PM.
He is living with Little Denmark's Arapahoe, aka Jake, so collectively they are of course known as "The Blues Brothers".
From his "Mom":
Elwood goes by many names: Dancing dog, because he dances by default. Goofball because he is always doing something goofy; DAP (the brand of caulk) because he is a voracious snuggler, and will fill even the tiniest gap between any two people available; King of dirt because he is always digging around outside looking for mice, bugs, and of course always on the lookout for those pesky birds and rabbits. Like his sister Sussi, he has his own thoughts and a brain that is always busy, he can entertain himself for long periods of time. He is very focused in his activity which makes for a great dog to teach things to, when you get his attention. Elwood can be very busy, but when he relaxes, he is totally relaxed, laying on his back soaking up the sun or watching TV on the sofa with us (Yes, he watches TV. He likes children’s programs and anything with animals in it) He loves everyone, considers laps to be his territory and spends his night snuggled tightly next to us under the covers. Elwood is the ultimate companion, up for everything and adventurous, but relaxed when we are relaxed ( except for the occasional case of the run arounds just for the sheer joy of running and being silly). We love him.

You can see more pictures of Elwood on Elwood's page

Blues Brothers in the ferns
Elwood puppy and big "bro" Jake investigating the wildlife by the ferns

Head tilt
Jake and Elwood, as they are

Even though Jake was not amused to begin with, Elwood took the close partnership for granted all along

Smiley dog Elwood

Elwood belly-up
Goofy Elwood sleep like this

Elwood's rabbit
Elwood, like his sis, is a successful big game hunter!
"Where did that other dog go, who did this?!"

Elwood digging
Elwood making moon craters

Elwood show dog
Elwood has been showing and took home a "group 1" the first time!

Little Denmark's Sunlight Peak, aka Ginger, by Greta 2008.

Ginger was born on August 26th, 2008 at 8.49 PM.
Ginger "stayed home" with her Mom, Little Denmark's Berta The Adventurer also known as Greta, and her family.
This pup was growling, already while she was born! So we knew she came with an attitude from that instant, and she continues to live up to that prediction very well!
Like her Sister, her size is very mis-leading. Ginger has appropriate respect, but she has no fear. She travels well with her family, and she has also been with us to to the DSFCA national show in Chicago, and no matter what or where, everything in life strikes her fancy. While having no concept of patience, she cannot get to where she is going fast enough, even when she doesn't know what or where that is!
She is a fun loving and happy-go-lucky playful dog, both by herself, and while latched onto her Mom's neck with her jaws around it. Sort of like Greta with "neck attachment".
Ginger's "people brother" Hans, has written a nice article to the breed club's website about his Farmdogs: "My life with Danish/Swedish Farmdogs" thank you Hans!
Ginger's daily life is busy, un-predictable, full of kids and activity, and she actively and happily takes part in whatever life dishes out for her at the moment!
She is not one for making much of herself at all, she doesn't have the need to be the center of attention, but she wants to be "part of"!

Ginger is at the same time a spaz, a goof, and an air head, yet she is bright and sharp as a whip. She loves being outside in any kind of weather. At the end of the day, she is a super snuggler!

Ginger and Donald
Ginger pup with attitude in a nut shell, the bigger pup is Kikka's

Ginger tug with Sussi
Ginger (right) at a tugging party with sister Sussi, she LOVES tug!

Tugging with Hans
Wild tug with Hans

puppy Ginger sit
Ginger as a puppy learning "sit"

Ginger and Hans play computer games
Playing a game with Hans, mama Greta hanging out too

Ginger with Jade
Ginger and Jade playing

Ginger snuggles
Ginger the super snuggler