Picture page January/february 2010

I (Helene) have always loved taking a lot of pictures of dogs. I therefore have an over-flow of pictures, which are never really viewed by anybody, and it can seem like a bit of a waste, that they are just stored away in folders on my computer.

With this new photo section, I am hoping to be able to help that a little bit. It is my ambition to try to add new pages on a regular basis, and place some of the pictures I like the best here on these pages.


Kikka with the ball being chased by Maddy and Sussi in the snow


Snowing heavily, they all assess the world covered from the wind by the shed


Kikka and Maddy checking where the squirrel was


Maddy and Grand Daughter Sussi in the sunny winter weather


Occasionally Maddy joins in on the tugs


I have no words for this other than: It's Sussi!


A study of Maddy's sleeping positions on the road...sssccchhh - she IS sleeping!


hmmm...pretty creative there Maddy


and Sussi just plays the part as head rest


A little ray of sunshine...


Maddy on the go


Shake baby, shake


Ehh Sussi...you've got something in your face


Kikka escaping through the drifts with her find


OK, so where did the other ball go?!


Kikka's butterfly impersonation


Bouncy ball...with tennis ball


it's really a pacifier disguised as a ball

She finds it, even when buried in the snow


bouncy ball with snow ball?!


what have you got there???


Sussi's snow plow impersonation


Hey kiddo, where are you going?


Visit at Greta's - 3 generations: Greta, Maddy and Sussi


Fence patrol of 5


Squirrel patrol of 5


Greta enjoing a ray


Maddy and Kikka at squirrel attention


It went up that way...


It's right up there, I see it...Maddy, you're in the flower pot


Say what?


Kikka trying to jump for a ball wedged at the top of the post


If only I had wings


Maddy "thinks" her way upwards


Left to right: Ginger, stick and Sussi


Ginger and Sussi doing sister stuff


I have no words...other than: "It's Kikka"!


Maddy and Sussi checking on Las Vegas rush hour traffic


It's Maddy sleeping again! (note - legs crossed, of course)