Sussi's belly growing, end of 2011/beginning of 2012.
Sussi has previously been pregnant last year, but something went wrong and the fetuses died in her. Therefore it has been really wonderful and exciting to follow this healthy and normal pregnancy, and now also be able to feel, that the puppies inside of her are living and "kicking"

Click picture for close up view

upside down 4 weeks
Belly-up 4 weeks
gotta look very closely for it to look like anything...

side 4 weeks
From the side 4 weeks
well, perhaps there is a little something

upside down 5 weeks
Belly-up 5 weeks
ok, it looks like a bit more

side 5 weeks
From the side 5 weeks
if it isn't puppies, then she is fat

stand 5 weeks
5 weeks stand
isn't there a little belly there?

upside down 6 weeks
Belly-up 6 weeks
allright Sussi, let there be no doubt anymore

Side 6 weeks
Side 6 weeks
now she is growing pretty much while we look at her

stand 6 weeks
6 weeks stand
now you can really see the belly

sit 7 weeks
7 weeks sit
when she is sitting you can really see the belly

half upside down 7 weeks
Half belly-up 7 weeks
she prefers we do not look at her belly right now

side 7 weeks
Side 7 weeks
she is a bit "inwards" now

stand 7 weeks
7 weeks stand
But if there is food in sight, she is "ON"

sit 7 weeks
7 weeks sit
Phew, there is a belly full

8 wks belly-up
Belly-up 8 weeks
This appears to be the most comfortable resting position these days

8 weeks side
Side 8 weeks
A lot of sleeping and resting is taking place

8 weeks stand
8 weeks Stand
But when there's food in the vincinity, she's wide awake!

8 weeks sit
8 weeks sit
The soccer ball on our chair has a head...

Sussi I kassen
Sussi i kassen
vores niece var stolt af at hjælpe med at gøre kassen klar