DSFCA Mission Statement
Danish Swedish Farmdog Club of America (of 2005), banner with mission statement

DSFCA, Danish/Swedish Farmdog Club of America

Mission statement
The Danish/Swedish Farmdog Club of America (DSFCA), founded in 2005, is a dog breed club dedicated to the Danish/Swedish Farmdog, a rare breed. Our mission is to educate breed club members and the public to preserve and protect the breed in accordance with the breed clubs of the countries of origin of this breed, Denmark and Sweden. Our primary purpose is to encourage and promote responsible, selective and ethical breeding of purebred Danish/Swedish Farmdogs, emphasizing health, temperament, conformation and utility. The breed club shall serve members and the public as an educational resource, an outlet for information exchange and organizer for breed club events.

DSFCA website
This is not a website for DSFCA, but just a special "link page", in honor of our new breed club.
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DSFCA history
The first time the word "breed club" was mentioned was in late 2002. During the year of 2003, conversations between 3 people, soon to be founding board members, began increasing in frequency, and concerns, "pros and cons" were weighed against one another.
Written material took form towards the end of 2003, in particular breeding guidelines and ethics for breeding, were discussed.
In june of 2004 the founding meeting of DSFCA took place in Hayward, CA in a motel room near the Golden Gate Classic ARBA show.
Present were 3 founding board members and an "outside person" writing minutes of the meeting.
First draft of constitution, breeding guidelines, and ethics of breeding, were agreed upon, and the breed club was established by the 3 founding members, signing a founding board directors agreement.
Thereby making DSFCA the first breed club in the world, outside of Scandinavia, for the breed Danish/Swedish Farmdog.

Late 2004 the Danish Breed Club's board recommends to DKK that ARBA is approved as registry of the breed in The USA, and DKK does so, opening up for cross Atlantic exchange of future US born dogs.
By March, 2005 DSFCA was approved as an incorporation of the state of Delaware.
In spring of 2006 the board expanded itself by appointing 2 new board members to a total of 5.
In September, 2006 the incorporation was granted non-profit status.

September, 2006 DSFCA becomes the first breed club in the world, outside of Scandinavia, to hold a national breed club show. This was in conjunction with ARBA's Rocky Mountain Classic in Longmont, CO.
25 Danish/Swedish Farmdogs participated.

DSFCA thanks
DSFCA thanks the Danish Breed Club's changing board members through it's establishment period, for tremendous support, help, and advise as well as willingness to spend time, involving themselves in, and caring so much for, the founding of the Danish/Swedish Farmdog and DSFCA in The USA.