This page is dedicated to our puppy families.

We will post pictures and stories here, of our Little Denmark puppies, from their adventures out in life, sent to us by their families.
We thank you all so much for all these wonderful pictures!

2005 litter moving on

2004 litter

Little Denmark's Arapahoe, AKA Jake, by Maddy.

Jake was born on March 27, 2004
Jake lives in FL, where he makes people happy everywhere he goes.
He was selected to become a Therapy dog, and in May, 2005 he passed the pet therapy dog test of the Delta Society, and is now certified. He makes visits to a hospital and a nursing home with his people-mom, and brings smiles to everybody's faces, when he shows off his tricks.
He is the first certified pet therapy Danish/Swedish Farmdog, we know of in the world, but there could be others, which we just haven't heard about.
Jake can "talk", he sneezes on command, and he laughs, when asked to.
Should he need it, he can also say "out", if he has to go.
Jake went to an ARBA show in FL in February, where he received an "excellent", won Best of Breed, and took Group 2. He is thereby breeding approved.

Jake's therapy dog test
Jake's Pet Therapy test, May 15, 2005.

Say hello gently

checking instructions

Jake and Max go in pool
Jake and Max the water boys.

trying to catch

Jake stand on step

Little Denmark's Cheyenne, AKA Scout, by Maddy.

Scout is born March 27, 2004.
Little Scout, the smallest in her litter, happened to show potential to become a real hunting dog, since she was a puppy. She is now living with a hunting family in MI.
In May, 2005 she was put to the test, and taken to the training facility of the Huntsman Gun Club in MI. They assess the dog's instincts and working skill, and if they check out well, they'll be admitted to the course, which totals a 1 month stay.
Scout was determined to have the skill and potential needed, this little lady both points, flushes and retrieves pheasant.
This has been tried with success with Danish/Swedish Farmdogs before in Europe, but Scout is the first one of her kind in The USA, to have this type of "job".

Scout scouting
Scout scouting right from the start

cuddle time
"Me and my people-puppy"

Scout on K-counter?
Don't ask!

Little Denmark's Shoshone, AKA Kemosabe, by Maddy.

Kemosabe was born on March 27, 2004.
Kemosabe decided early on, that water was his element. He is living with his family in CA, who enjoys the fun of having a swimming pool, added a devoted water-dog.
This little guy loves to be in the water - he will take a "ride" on the back of a person swimming, or he will dive under water for toys.
When he gets tired, he enjoys kicking back in the spa, which his family has set on a lowered temperature, just for him. What a spoiled little brat!
Kemosabe was shown at 2 ARBA shows in CA, November of 2005, where he became Winners Dog both times, with "excellent", and best of winners one time.
He is thereby breeding approved.

Kemosabe overlooking
"I have my own pool, and it's real cool dude"

Kemosabe dive
Diving dog, dock-diving?

Kemosabe in spa
"AHHHHH, All doggies should have a spa, me and my people mom do this every day".

Little Denmark's Shawnee, AKA Panda, by Maddy.

Panda was born on March 27, 2004.
Panda lives in ME, where she's "running the show" with a big family, including Mom, Dad, 3 children, another dog, a cat and a horse.
She gets to go on trips and visits to family and friends, and participates actively in everything the family does, like a real Farmdog, whether it's taking a nap, playing with the children, or "working" with her people-mom.
As you can tell from the pictures her family sent us, Panda is just having a blast in Maine.
After a busy day, she snuggles at night in bed, with her people-parents, just like her doggy-mama does!

Pandas first day
Snuggle girl (and boy!)

Girls in snow tunnel
"Hey this is too cool, we have a snow tunnel!"

snuggle time
"I may be grown, but I still like to cuddle with my buddy"

FD, FDX, FDCh Little Denmark's Sioux Stub Butt, AKA Suzy, by Maddy.

Suzy was born on March 27, 2004.
Suzy lives with her doggy active family in CA. She is literally keeping taps on 3 other dogs, of which 2 of them are fly-ball and agility dogs, and "moved in" by making friends with the leader of the pack.
Those 2 are said to be in-separable, and Suzy has also become in-separable from her people-mom.
Suzy is playing both flyball and agility, and has been waiting for her debut in competition. For now, she gets to travel along, when the 2 others compete, and she has turned out to be a great little traveler, just like her Mama-dog.
In the first weekend of May, 2006 Suzy had her fly-ball debut. In one weekend she earned the titles FD (Flyball Dog), FDX (Flyball Dog Excellent) and FDCh (Flyball Dog Champion). We're so proud of you Suzy, congratulations!
Suzy has also passed the instinct test for herding sheep, we're looking forward to hear if she may pursue this in the future. One busy little lady!

On top of the world
On top of Donner Pass

enjoying sun
"Mom can we just sit here in the sun all day?"

Suzy watch flyball
"I know how to do that fly-ball stuff now, I'm ready"

Suzy play agility
Suzy playing agility

Max and Jake
Big dogs hang together
Max and Jake.

Jake w ribbons
Show dog
"hey Mom, did we do good?".

Jake runs office
Doing business
This is what happens, when you leave your office for a minute. Your farmdog is talking on the speakerphone with your clients.

Jake B-day
1 year Birthday
"Can I have the muffin now?".

Scout by boat
Ready to go hunting
"I've got my boat, I've got the camouflage, now where's our little dog?".

Fetch Frisbee
I've got the Frisbee Mom.

Kemosabe at show
Show dog
"Can we go over there, them other dogs look friendly".

Kemosabe on throne
Little prince charming
"Look at me, I'm on the purple throne".
Panda and Chula
Panda and Chula
"Look, I'm just as tall, when I do this trick".

Panda and the gang
Panda and "gang"
"We're one happy family".

Panda at x-mas
I LOVE Christmas
"I got a bone, I got a bone, I got a bone!"

Suzy tugs
Tug of war
"Is that as hard as you can pull?"

Suzy and Meg
Suzy and Meg
Suzy ganged up with the leader of the pack.