Kikka Stand06
Javika's Bestle Nestle Kakao Ko (Kikka), AKC CGC, 3 years old.
"Don't move, I've got a chance to get that rabbit...just gotta make my plan..."

Kikka, our second Farmdog...

Kikka is born March 2, 2003.
Kikka is a sweet, loving and tough little lady.
Everything this little dog does, is with the purpose of play, play and play. When she is done with that, she would prefer to play more.
Kikka has learned the excitement of hunting, her instincts further "sharpened" by Maddy, and is a keen rabbit and squirrel hunter. She is still not certain, that geese and ducks were not meant for her to hunt as well.
Her best buddies, besides Maddy, are Hannah (at Kennel Flora in CA), Charger and Mocca. Mocca is a Mini Dachshund, living with our friends in San Diego along with Charger (Maddy's "boy-friend").
The dog she "hates to love the most", is Bailey. The 2 of them are like brother and sister, always "arguing", yet ever so close to one another.
Kikka has worked obedience, only by motivation, for almost 2 years, and has the basics down quite well. But to have to retrieve, which equals "bring back" is still so annoying to her.
Because we think she will have more fun with some action, she is getting a new "job". she will begin agility training spring of 2005. Kikka has already learned common "equipment" on play grounds, and loves to crawl, climb and jump on an over it all.
She has an absolute passion for children, and gives lots of kisses.
"Kicking Kikka" can "fill" a king-sized bed all by her little self, she has a way of stretching out diagonally. Bed-hawk!

April 2007 (4Y,1 mo) : Kikka was presented at a special new type of breeding approval arrangement, applying to this breed in Denmark as of January, 2007. Kikka has been breeding approved by the old rules, both in The US and in Denmark, but we felt it would be only right, that we also try her qualifications in accordance with the new rules in Denmark.
Kikka was breeding approved, judges were Ole Staunskjaer and Lilian Christensen, both of Denmark.

November 2006 (3 y 8 mo.): Kikka showed in 4 shows in ARBA's Hollywood Classic in Claremont, CA.
She received 1 Reserve Winners, 1 Winners Bitch and 1 Best of Winners.
One of the shows was the First Regional Breed Specialty by DSFCA. Judge Diane Anderson, USA, gave Kikka an "excellent" rating, placed her as Winners Bitch and Best of Winners.
Kikka also showed in a Brood Bitch class in the specialty show, with 2 of her off springs, Little Denmark's Annie Oakley and Little Denmark's Calamity Jane. Kikka and off spring got an "excellent" and won the class for Kennel Little Denmark's.

September 2006 (3 y 6 mo.): Kikka showed in 3 shows in ARBA's Rocky Mountain Classic in Longmont, CO.
She received 2 Reserve Winners.
One of the shows was the First National Breed Specialty by DSFCA. Judge Lars Adeheimer, Sweden, gave Kikka an "excellent" rating.
June 2006 (3 y 3 mo.): Kikka showed in Denmark at DKK's show in Aalborg.
She got a 1st prize, and won the open female class.
November 2005 (2 y 8 mo.): Kikka showed in 4 shows in ARBA's Hollywood Classic in Claremont, CA.
She received 3 Reserve Winners.
June 2005 (2 y 3 mo.): Kikka showed in 4 shows in ARBA's Golden Gate Classic in Hayward, CA.
She placed 3rd in open female in all 4 shows.
November 2004 (1 y 8 mo.): Kikka showed in 4 shows in ARBA's Hollywood Classic in Claremont, CA.
She won 1 time "Winner's Bitch", 1 time "Best Of Opposite Sex", and 1 time "Reserve Winners".
June 2004 (1 y 3 mo.): Kikka showed in 4 shows in ARBA's Golden Gate Classic in Hayward, CA.
She won 2 times "Winner's Bitch", 1 time "Best Of Opposite Sex", and 1 time "Best of Winners".
November 2003 (8 1/2 mo.): Kikka earned AKC's CGC-Title (Canine Good Citizen).
She showed in 4 shows in ARBA's Hollywood Classic, and won 1 time "Winner's Bitch", 1 time "Best Of Opposite Sex", and 1 time "Reserve Winners".

Kikkas 1st show
Kikka after first show-day ever
What show???

Kikka still our "puppy"
This little dog is very precious to us. She joined our "family" at a busy time, and went alone on the truck with Butch for almost a month, before we all re-united again.
We still call her "our little puppy", but fact is, she is getting to be a grown lady.
Kikka is a combination of a tough dog, and a soft little love-bug. Once she discovers something she is good at, she will do it endlessly. Diving for a ball and jumping obstacles, both fall in this category.
Kikka has always loved to be at the doggy-park in Cheyenne. If there is action, Kikka is there, right in the middle, and she is loud, bold and acting like a big dog.
Her determination is tremendous, her and Bailey are known to fall asleep holding each their end of a tug. Whom-ever wakes up first, "wins" the game.
Once she gets something in her mind, she does not give up.
Kikka also sleeps under the covers, and has a way of pushing all of us to the edge during the night.
Kikka is always happy, unless there is nothing going on, then she is definitely miserable.

Kikka pick Maddy
The "magic pick of litter"
This is how we got Kikka. It was late evening first visit at the breeder. Maddy went to sleep, and the magic happened....Kikka left her mother and litter and walked over to cuddle with Maddy. This is how it happened: Kikka decided on Maddy, we decided on Kikka.

"Trucking" Kikka
Kikka likes to occupy the bed in the truck. When in motion, she gets under the covers and sleeps.
When helpers ride with us, Kikka greets them with lots of kisses, then brings a toy, and asks them to play with her.
Kikka also gladly takes every sleeping-shift with both of us.
She loves our rear side-windows, in that way, she can stay in bed, but still see, what's going on outside.
Kikka has, as the only one of our two girls, jumped up into the truck by herself. Maybe we should have "seen the agility dog coming" already when she did this.
Secret: If anyone wanted to break into our truck, Kikka would unlock one door, while Maddy unlocked the other, to have more company!

trucking Farm Dog
Kikka in the truck
The rear windows offer a comfortable way, for a curious dog, to be able to know, what's going on.

Kikkas squirrel
You get one guess
A: This squirrel is alive, and Kikka is making friends
B: Kikka killed this squirrel, and it is dead!

Kikka after beer
Kikka beer-dog?
Gotta keep beer a secret, otherwise you're destined to share with Kikka.

Kikka jump
A favorite play ground
Kikka loves the "people agility" track in Cheyenne, this girl can jump!

Mouse in Wood
Mouse hunting
Early on. Kikka learned from Maddy, about the mice and the fire-wood.

Meet Lama
Kikka meets Lama
"Hey there, I'm a Farmdog, what are You?".

Kikka dive
Dock or dog -diving?
A home made game...she always gets the ball first this way!

M+K in hay
Farmdog agility
"Hey Maddy - did you see where that mouse went?"

M+K w stick
Need we comment?.

Kikka meets horse
Hey you
"Come here, come say hello to me"

Girls snuggle
Cuddle-up Kikka
She'd still pick Maddy, if she had to choose again.

Play with Mocca1
Mocca and Kikka
These two can play all day, like little kids. Clearly they're both having fun.

Play w Mocca2
Play mates
In spite of the obvious differences, they are very compatible.

Cool pool
Also a water-dog
Kikka showing ingenuity.When it's hot, this is a great way to cool the butt...

Kikka therapydog
Maybe a therapy dog?
Kikka making a little girl's day at the White County Expo for special people, IN 2004.

Kikkas Daddy Ask
Kikka's Daddy
Oestbroen's Ask, Kikka's Father in Denmark

Kikkas and Hannah tug
Kikka and Hannah, BUDS!
Non-stop tug, when visiting Kennel Flora