Nikki's mave vokser, 2013.
Her følger vi Nikki's maveprojekt uge for uge

Click picture for close up view

stand 4 weeks
Stand 4 weeks
With some imagination there is something

side 4 weeks
Laying down 4 weeks
well, perhaps there is a little something

stand 5 weeks
Stand 5 weeks
ok, it looks like a bit more

side 5 weeks
From the side 5 weeks
if it isn't puppies, then she is fat

bellyup 5 weeks
5 weeks belly-up
let there be no doubt

stand 6 weeks
Stand 6 weeks
allright Nikki, you do need to eat allright!

Sit front 6 weeks
Front sit 6 weeks
what have I done?

belly-up 6 weeks
6 belly-up
with 3 weeks to go, we wonder if she will explode?

sit 6 weeks
6 weeks sit
Nikki choses to sit down a lot these days

stand 7 weeks
Stand 7 weeks
They are really kicking now, making her look like this

side 7 weeks
Side 7 weeks
she is awake, but her mind is "inwards"

bellyup 7 weeks
7 belly-up
Look at my pretty tummy

sit 7 weeks
7 weeks trying to scratch
Arrgh, will someone help me here?

8 weeks stand
Stand 8 weeks
Looking for places in the back yard to dig down

Side 8 weeks
Side 8 weeks
Nikki rests a lot these days

8 weeks bellyup
8 weeks belly-up
Full house!

8 weeks sit
8 weeks sit
Nice to sit and float out in the sunlight

Whelping area
Whelping area ready
Right now Nikki prefers to hang out on our bed, and that's ok too