Little Denmark's Berta the Adventurer 2 years old
Little Danmark's Berta the Adventurer, AKA Greta, 4 1/2 years old.
A LOT of dog in a very small package...

Greta, little big girl...

Greta is born by our Maddy here at Kennel Little Denmark's on September 3rd, 2005 at 4.20 AM.
Little Denmark's Berta The Adventurer is now best known as Greta.
Greta is the same size as her Mother Maddy, and has the same "aura" around her, that she's most certainly a big dog, just in a "small package". And she is, because there is a LOT of dog inside this little body, and she has a very clever head to top it off, turning things to her advantage, is absolutely something she masters quite well!
This little lady thinks with the speed of lightening, and moves accordingly...she is extremely exciteable, and can keep "many balls" in the air at the same time. It takes a quick mind, to keep up with her.
She's pretty much got nerves of steel, not much startles her or scares her, a great appetite on new things, new is exciting.
She loves all people, adults as well as children, and is soo excited to say hello to visitors, and certainly doesn't find reason to "ask politely", before she flies up into someone's lap...and of course, since the world evolves around her, the mere thought that someone could visit, not for the sole reason to see her, is outrageous!
"Miss turbo charge" does have an "off button" though, as soon as someone kicks back, she's got to be right there, and will settle down, snuggle up, and kick back too...belly rubs are welcomed!
She is a proud little girl, knows what she wants, when she wants it, but also is great at "going with the flow", just as long as she's "part of", she's a happy camper.

She has gone to puppy class/doggy school, and responds extremely fast, so fast the trainer had to adjust things specifically for her, to "Greta speed".
Let there be no doubt, that this little dog is "scary clever", very much semi-human!
Greta lives with our good friends, Michele and Einar and "people pups" Hans and Jade in CO, where she has a back yard full of "critters", which she has made her "job", to keep in line.
In August of 2008 Greta had her Little Denmark litter of 4 sired by My Bonnie Zeus Ztyrer for Vildt.

Greta on the show table
Show girl
Greta's first show experience

June 2008 (2 yr 22 mo old) : Greta showed in Denmark.
She got a "very good" rating and placed 4th in the open female class
Judge was Bengt Åke Bogren, Sweden.

November 2007 (2 yr 2 mo old) : Greta showed in 4 ARBA shows, Hollywood Classic, in Claremont, CA.
One of the shows was the Second National Breed Specialty by DSFCA. Ulf Bråthen, Denmark, gave Greta an "excellent" rating, and placed her as Winners Bitch and Greta became best female and Best of Opposite Sex.
Greta also represented Kennel Little Denmark along with her half Brother Little Denmark's Shoshone and their Mother (Maddy) in a brood bitch class.
Kennel Little Denmark won the class.

November 2006 (1 yr 2 mo old) : Greta showed in 4 ARBA shows, Hollywood Classic, in Claremont, CA. She won 1 Reserve Winners, 2 Winners Bitch, 2 Best of Winners, and 1 Best of Breed. Greta also won the group!
One of the shows was the First Regional Breed Specialty by DSFCA. Judge Diane Anderson, USA, gave Greta an "excellent" rating, and placed her as Winners Bitch and Best of Winners.

September 2006 (1 yr old) : Greta showed in 3 ARBA shows, Rocky Mountain Classic, in Longmont, CO. One of the shows was the First National Breed Specialty by DSFCA.
Judge Lars Adeheimer, Sweden, gave Greta an "excellent" rating, and placed her second in the 9-15 months female class.

Greta also represented Kennel Little Denmark's along with her Sister, Little Denmark's Birgitte The Conqueror, we presented the 2 along with Maddy in a Brood bitch class, and the 2 girls were also entered in a brace class for us.
They won both classes for Kennel Little Denmark's.

Snuggle Greta
Miss turbo-charge has an off button!
Is this a dog or a child?

Beer belly Greta
"Hey, bring me the pretzels and a beer, and hand me the clicker please!"
Definitely semi-human

Greta the puppy
Greta grew up loving to play, play and play, while peferring to include people in her games. She'll retrieve a stick or a ball all day long, if she can just get someone to keep throwing it for her...and if she's not done, she'll solicit someone with a toy, basically sticking it in one's hand, with a challenging play-growl...hence "she knows what she wants and when she wants it"...she "speaks" a pretty clear language!
She doesn't back off for a good tug-of-war either, and likes to decide when and where as well.
Greta really loves to get around Mama Maddy and Aunt Kikka, and the feeling is very mutual, the 3 of them have been in frequent "touch" since Greta left us, and the 3 of them function very well together, of course also thanks to, that Greta shows "appropriate respect" of the senior girls.
She never misses a detail in life, if there is anything going on, or just a suspicion that something is going on, she's on her toes, to make sure she's a part of it, she's like a little shadow, following anybody doing anything.
Greta has traveled with her family on vacation, flew by plane like it was simple routine, and proved to be a very easy "take along", so she's sure to be included in family trips "ever after".
A spurt of out-going happiness, energy, and love, and of course lots of snuggles. Her family adores her, and we can't blame them!

Haloween Greta
Gotta be part of everything, also dressing up for "trick and treat"
She'll play the part of a newly released jail-bird very well!

Greta 6 weeks old
Little big dog 6 weeks old
Greta always, since she was tiny, had that "big dog aura" around her!

Greta 9 wks interior decorator
Big dogs have big projects
Some interior decoration project, the day Greta moved to her new home, thankfully she has matured to have better habits!

Greta's way
She hasn't changed a bit
She always preferred to sit goofy!

Wheel barrel race
Nerves of steel
Wheel barrel racing with Hans? Whatever...Greta is in for the ride!

Diving in for hotdogs
Clever with no apprehensions
There are hotdogs on the bottom, and Greta wasn't shy to stick her nose in!

Car ride
A great traveler
Greta is a very easy take-along traveling dog

On the beach
CA Beach
Greta with Hans and Jade, enjoying her CA vacation, flying was just simple routine, and the beach well worth it!

Kikka Maddy and Greta
Kikka, Maddy and Greta
the 3 of them function very well together, and have also been together frequently since Greta moved