Maddy and Charger
Maddy and Charger
Hey friend, let's talk, it's been a while.

Maddy and best friend, Charger...

Special, very special...
(In 2007 Charger passed away. We miss him, and greatly appreciate this page and the pictures of him and Maddy).

We have observed and watched the "connection" between these two dogs for almost 2 years, and there is no doubt, that it is very special.
It seems, that when Maddy is around Charger, she is more happy, than at any other time. Also - Charger seems to be very comfortable with Maddy's firm, but loving "leader-ship". She's "boss", and Charger appears to like it that way.
They have those "special moments" between them. Maddy lets Charger smell her, she cleans his eyes and ears, and they ALMOST act, like they want to cuddle - something that, for some reason, never happens. Maybe they are both too proud and independant, but they do enjoy being near each other, when sleeping on the floor, without ever "touching" more than a paw or a tail.
Charger was one of the first dogs Maddy ever met away from her home kennel, and maybe that's why. We don't know, but the relation between these two very different dogs, is clearly beyond regular dog-friendship.

Maddy,Charger and Kikka
Maddy, Charger and Kikka
Kikka knows she's not a part of this, but she would like to be, and tries to stay close not to miss out.

What does this have to do with anything?
This only has to do with something, that seems to really matter to Maddy.
Maddy makes lots of dog-friends, where we go, but we never see her behave, like the way she does, around Charger.
There is a trust, and most of all a love and connection so strong, between these two, that we can only TRY to understand.
When they have been apart, Maddy "wets", when they re-unite, something she NEVER does otherwise. We intrepet this as her being so happy, she just can't help it.

charger 2003
Charger, 9 years old, most likely a Lab/Husky mix.
Who wouldn't want to have this beautyfull, loving boy, as a best friend?.

From the beginning..
When Maddy was a pup, her and Charger connected right away.
The first night they slept under the same roof, no-one else slept...Maddy was a the floor panel of the bedroom door, and Charger was in the hall-way on the other side. They were wining and scraping, wanting to get together.
Eventually Maddy would go to sleep, but Charger waited patiently for her at the door all night.
This hasn't changed, only now we mostly leave the door open, so every-one can sleep.
The first year, when we visited, Charger would never eat, while Maddy was staying with him. Why, we don't know, but he just didn't seem to have time, and he appeared to be un-able to concentrate on food.
This has really just changed recently, when Kikka came around - Charger has not bonded with Kikka, the way he did with Maddy, and acts more like a "normal dog" around her.
Charger tought Maddy to "catch" splashing water, and he tought her to bark at the neighbor's dogs at the fence. This is the only place Maddy is allowed to do so.
Maddy "pays him back", by always grabbing him by his hind legs, making him sit down. She "herds" him around, and tells him what to do, and not to do, and he loves every minute of it.
They love to play together, but they both tend to quit, when Kikka gets involved. Kikka gets involved a lot, so they don't have as much play-time, as they used to do, but they still have those VERY special moments, which only those two really understand.

girls play with Charger
"Three is a crowd"
Kikka gets involved a lot, and soon this little game is over - Maddy tries to get kikka away, and Charger leaves.

Sleep move1
A "sleeping motion"...
We are sleeping, together, but not together...Notice that Charger is waiting for her move.

Sleep move2
Next move...
We are still sleeping together, but not together. Maddy knows to move slow, not to cross the invisible "line".

Sleep move3
Last move...
He knows she's there, she knows he's there. This is the safest place on earth to Maddy!

Play ball
"Hey little guy, You're gonna fight me for the ball".

Maddy provoke
"I still have it, come and get it, come on, try to get it".

Maddy push
"Allright, heck with the ball. If I push right here, You WILL fall over".

Charger down1
"Ok, good boy, now lay still, don't move".

Charger down2
"I said don't move, I'll just hold You down".

In love
This looks like love to us. Maddy do not display this behavior around any other dog.